Executive Council   


The artistic work of this group gives stress mainly on two factors.

  • Developing a universal language for theatre, that can communicate, beyond verbal.
  • To use elements of various folk, classical and martial art forms in theatre to create a language in which the actor is the medium and his body creates the alphabets.

The training of the actor in a systematic and scientific way to make her/him flexible to the optimum use in theatre mentally, physically and emotionally is of prime importance. As the communicaiton between the actor and the viewer is through satvika (mental), angika (physical), vachika (verbal), aharya (make up & costumes), the actor should be thoroughly processed to assimilate and demonstrate, whereever necessary all the above factors to the maximum level.

With the above objectives in view, Bhasabharathi is offering one month training programme for actors, theatre persons, lovers and promoters of theatre arts. During the training programme it is intended to guide the participants to get a knowhow of systematic training in theatre through practice and theory through experience.